Thursday, May 31, 2012

Paper Bag Princess....

                                                                     Paper Bag Princess
                                         I LOVE the Paper Bag Princess!! Patterns and writing
                                            activity coming next week on TPT!! Great way to
                                            start the year off with fairy tales... that Elizabeth is such
                                            a proactive princess!!
Puppet patterns will be included!!
My students had a lot of fun retelling the story with

We charted the ways Elizabeth was proactive!
I made a paper bag dress for the girls to wear!! And
the boys made the perfect dragons!!!

The graham crackers were with paper bags, the dragon puff (clouds of smoke that came out of his nose) was hard to round up (marshmallow cream) and the ashes that he left looked a lot
like crushed up chocolate chips!!

It was fun making them... that puff was a little

 It was even more fun eating the paper bag  

                                      Thanks Elizabeth!!

We wrote Ronald a letter giving him tips on
how to be a proactive character...
he didn't even bother writing us back!!
 We learned about the continents by looking at different
castles from around the world!

Dragon glyph coming soon!!




Miss Foote said...

So cute. The Paper Bag Princess is one of my favorite stories.

Chickadee Jubilee

Oceans of First Grade Fun said...

I love it!! Would you ladies consider posting pics of your room and how you organize your day, and what units you do during the year...could ya...could ya...pleeeeease?????
Ms. A

Kim and Kelly said...

Adorable!!! We are your newest followers! Check us out if you get some time. Thanks!

Jaysa Smith said...

omw! so excited I found this! can't wait to make sandwiches and will send you the blog post when I do! eek!

Jaysa Smith said...

as promised, here is your shout out! :)

Jaysa Smith said...

p.s. I teach in Alabama, too! ;)

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