Friday, July 25, 2014

Boarders for bulletin boards!!

I have always double boardered my bulletin boards- but this year I used four boarders
on my hall bulletin board.
It really made it stand out in the hall.  I also painted my boards black so I do not have to worry 
about paper or fabric. If I change my mind- it is an easy fix.

On the inside of my classroom there is a black boarder painted around my boards- so I just used three
boarders.  All the boards in my room have the same boarder for some consistency. 

You don't have to paint all the way to the edge. I hot glued the polk-a-dot boarder to the silver 
frame. It peels right off when you are ready to take it down.


Yolanda Arnold said...

Cute!!!! I hope you are going to share more pictures from your classroom??? Hint....hint :)

Oceans of First Grade Fun

Stenslv said...

I too love the look of the double borders -- very fun. I went to all plain borders a few years ago, but this is very tempting!

lowens said...

YES! And we do want to see your classroom pics!

Angela Wynn said...

I will post classroom pictures soon! I moved to a new school- so I am still moving things out of the garage!

Miss Kindergarten said...

OMG I"m obsessed!

lovetoteachfirst said...

Where did you get your board border?

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