Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hodgepodge of chairs... I don't think so!

    About five years ago, I transferred to a new school. They
   "rounded" me up some mismatched furniture. Some chairs 
   were blue, yellow, and red.  I couldn't deal with that... So I
   loaded them up and took them home and painted them...

   New classroom, new school, and more chairs. In an attempt to reclaim his
   garage, my husband painted them this year!! 

   This is the paint I used! I am going to modge podge them,
   too! I love Modge Podge!!!



Ethan Smith said...
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Erika said...

Your husband is a mine! This summer my husband painted my filing cabinets to match. He's going to be thrilled when I tell him about the chairs. :)

Angela Wynn said...

When I sprayed a sealer they bubbled and peeled- then I painted modge podge on them and the are fantastic!!!

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