Monday, July 28, 2014

How to paint "blobs"!

When I was an instructional coach I would put displays up in the hallways to promote reading and thinking. But they just didn't  "pop"- so I asked my principal if I could paint some "backgrounds"..... Needless to say, he came back on Monday with "Blobs" up and down the halls!   When I returned to the classroom, the painting of blobs went with me!!! Several people have asked how to paint them. So, now that I am in a new room, I took pictures of the process!!

First, draw out your blob with pencil or chalk.

   Next, outline it with your main color- stand back
  and make sure it looks like you want it.

   Use a roller and roll what you can!

    When the first coat is dry- add another. I use
   high gloss paint. I do go to Lowes or Home
   Depot to get the paint- I bought an inexpensive
   brand once and it was hard to get good coverage.

Decide what you want your border to look like - I used stripes this year, but have done polka-dots, too! I did not leave a middle on this one because I knew I was putting a mirror in the middle.


This one will anchor my number resources-
The white had to have two coats also. I used glossy acrylic white craft paint because I knew I didn't need an entire gallon. (Let each coat dry before adding the next coat.)

Then I used the same black to add stripes. I used a black paint pen to outline the blob- I do it a little whimsical so it doesn't have to look perfect!!

 I like using black and white because when I put things on them- the items stand out because it is not competing with other colors!!  If you plan to change the display a lot, you might want to put a coat of modge podge on top of it!!
Happy painting!!!!!

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