Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reindeer Ornament

I LOVE putting up the Christmas tree and seeing all the cute ornaments that my two boys made when they were in school! Brings back sweet memories. Here is an ornament that I have made with my class the last few years.

I use burlap scrapbook paper and just plain brown craft paper for the back. The burlap paper is much easier for the kids to cut. I made these last year with kindergarten!

Trace the shape of the reindeer's head on the back of the burlap paper and on the brown craft paper.

 Cut out both pieces and hot glue together. When I taught 2nd grade my class used low temp glue guns and did fine with it, but I hot glued for the younger classes. Put the hot glue where you see the white lines in the picture below:

Using the opening left at the bottom- stuff it with tissue or paper towel. I used one paper towel for this one.

Glue the bottom shut and add burlap paper ears to the back!

Use red construction paper and glitter for the nose- or you can use glitter scrapbook or foam paper.

 Use a Sharpie or slick paint to make the eyes. I always make them put the eyes close together and close to the nose... you can use google eyes or little black buttons, too!!

 Nest students use a little chalk to add cheeks. They use their fingers to get the chalk off the paper and rub it in. A raffia bow is a must!!!

 For antlers, this time I just cut some twigs off a tree, but I have bought branches from Hobby Lobby before, too. I hot glue it to the back.

 I usually put a piece of matching paper over the glue while it is hot to secure it. Add a hook and don't forget to put the name and year on the ornament.

You can make bigger versions of these to and use wire on the back for a door hanger.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

12 Books of Christmas Giveaway

The Glyph Girls are super excited to join with the fabulous TpT stores above to bring you this spectacular giveaway. We have each chosen a Christmas book to blog about, AND we've created a FREEBIE to match our book, AND you can win ALL 12 of the books!!! See why we are so pumped?

Just look at the books that have been chosen...

It's easy to enter. Blog Hop from one blog to the next collecting our Freebies. As you go, jot down the magic number from each blog. After you have visited all 12 blogs, add ALL of your numbers together. Calculators are allowed. LOL Enter the total of all 12 numbers in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win all 12 books. You can earn bonus entries from following each of us, too!

The winner will be announced on Nov. 29th! Now let us tell you about our book...
This is one of our favorite Christmas books! It is a spin off of The Little Red Hen. Included in this Freebie are patterns for all four of the fun characters in the book: Little Red Elf, the cute Reindeer, the Penguin who wants no part of working, and the sleepy little Hare. The patterns are designed for students to create the character and then  use to perform the Readers Theater that is included! Also, a complete lesson plan with a cliff hanger to engage your students with some questions that will no doubt lead to some major discussion and opinion writing! A few more surprises are included!! Download by clicking below.
Ho, Ho, Ho!!

Don't forget to click to Green Star to follow us while you are there!

Enter the contest here!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Chalking like a Glyph Girl

Chalking is a great way to add fun characters around your classroom! It is easy to do!!

What you need:
 I get my pastel chalk at Hobby Lobby- make sure 
 you get chalk pastels (NOT oil )  I usually wait
 until they are on sale or use a 40% off coupon!!
** The eraser is a major part of chalking!! Gum 
erasers are the best. A pencil eraser will not work.

  The chalks are easier to use if you break them.
  Them may come with some broken- but that is 

After you have your chalk you need paper. I use jumbo card stock paper from Learning Tree. You can use poster board- but make sure you are not on the slick side of it.

Draw your character with pencil or use your projector to enlarge clip art. Then trace over the pencil with a sharpie marker. (not a thick permanent marker)

 I always start with the main color first. Turning the chalk on its flat side outline your character. Get very close to the small parts.

 Use your fingers to rub in the chalk. If it is not as dark as you want, add another layer of chalk. The harder you rub, the better it sticks to the paper. After you have this done, very carefully take it outside or over a trash can and shake off excess chalk. (It is not advised to chalk near carpet!!!)

Next, use the chalks to color in smaller areas. See how close the red is to the green- that is okay!
it will blend- if not use that great eraser!!
shake again!

   To add shading to your character, I rub black on part of the paper that is not going to be showing when you cut it out .  Then I rub some of the black on my fingers and add shading around the edges.
   I shaded around the crown, eyes, and the frog's face. To add cheeks- rub some pink on the paper then rub your fingers in it to add cheeks. I used a big marker to do the eyes.

 The final step, after you shake all the excess off, is to spray it with hairspray. This locks the chalk in and helps the lamination stick. After I spray it I
take the white piece of chalk and add accent marks.  
Then laminate on high and as slow as it will go! If it is not hot enough, it will peel off.  Then cut it out and ta-da!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

New Classroom. Kindergarten 2014

This year I moved schools and am going back to kindergarten. It has been fabulous!!
Here are some pictures of my new room-which is still a work in progress!!

Outside bulletin board

Friday, September 4, 2015

Teacher Feature: Pirate Theme!

Ahoy there, matey! We are delighted to give you a peek into
our colleague, Jessica Wheeler's Pirate Themed classroom today.
Jessica teaches 1st grade at Union Hill School in Alabama.
She just switched to 1st this year after several years in Kindergarten. She has also taught 3rd grade and Talented & Gifted students.

We love how Jessica includes everything she needs to run a smooth classroom, yet keeps her room uncluttered and easy on the eye. As you can tell, she is super organized!

Here's the view from the door.

This pirate ship is my favorite feature of her room!! She had some assistance from her sweet husband, Shane, building it.
It makes the perfect reading nook!

The pirate ship bulletin board is another great feature! She had a little help from Angela creating it. Angela can whip out a ship in no time! Look how cute the ship looks with photos of her firsties...

This is her back wall. She painted this "blob" last year. It's awesome for hanging art projects, student work, or anchor charts.

Mrs. Wheeler's  new students made our Pirate Glyphs
to hang on the blob. They turned out so cute!

Here's a view of her back door...

Don't you just love her colors display???
She has the Glyph Girls Alphabet she made up above her board.
Her version is a tad different than the one in our store.
It's truly an original!
Above her alphabet she has the most adorable
pics of her little pirates...

This is her front door...
That's Mrs. Wheeler on the door (she's the captain of the ship!)

 And now that school has started, Mrs. Wheeler has the whole crew on her door!
Notice her cute chevron nametags all ready for her new students...

She had an adorable welcome gift ready
for Open House, too...

Here's a close-up...

She's ready for anchor charts on this bulletin board...

A birthday graph dresses up a back corner...

 Mrs. Wheeler made this bunting and added strings of
lights to hang from her ceiling.

She's ready for whole group instruction with this director's chair and all her supplies at her fingertips!

Then she has her number charts hanging above
the Biggie Board (as her kids call it!).

She found this darling poster on TpT and had it enlarged at Staples. It's hanging by her front door.

 I especially love how she designates her leader and helper each day. So simple and easy to change.
Let's cruise on out to the hallway...

Students and parents are greeted by sweet messages she leaves
on her hallway chalkboard. She changes the message seasonally
and for special holidays.

 Finally, this is the spot in the hallway where Mrs. Wheeler's pirates will show off their work...

The kiddos are crazy about the Pirate Theme...

Meet my precious friend, Jessica Wheeler and her family.

Sam, Shane, Jessica, Hallie, and baby Nora Kate.

The Wheeler are in the process of adopting. They were not able to keep Nora Kate, but she will always be a part of their family. Now they are waiting patiently for the fourth child that God will bring into their lives. Please pray for them on their adoption journey!

Thank you, Jessica, for letting us feature your classroom!
If you also have a Pirate Theme, you might be interested in these products from the Glyph Girls...
Both include lots of supplemental resources
to extend the learning.

Click on a photo to go to our TpT store
and purchase.

We also have similar alphabet patterns available if
you'd like to create a display for your classroom.