Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Classroom. Kindergarten 2014

This year I moved schools and am going back to kindergarten. It has been fabulous!!
Here are some pictures of my new room-which is still a work in progress!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Monkey Cupcake Love

We SURVIVED the first week of school!
That calls for a celebration, right???
Well, if you are in Mrs. Smith's Safari Class 
then you celebrate with...

It's a great time to practice following directions. 
I baked and iced the cupcakes the night before, 
and then each first grader assembled the 
monkey decorations themselves.

Here's all you'll need for these cute little guys:
Cake Mix (I used yellow)
Chocolate Icing
Vanilla Wafers (for face)
Mini Vanilla Wafers (for ears)
Eye Candy Decorations
Red Gel Icing (for mouth)
Black Gel Icing (for nose)

They were a HUGE hit with the students and 
fit perfectly with our Safari theme!

I also found these adorable monkey paper plates to serve 
them on at Dollar Tree 
(only a $1 for a dozen).

Have you seen our Lion Glyph?
Click on the pic below
to take a look.

Painted accent fruniture

       Adding painted pieces of furniture to your classroom and gives it a special touch!
        I found this bench at TJ Max!  Just added the black and red!! (And bows)

      I painted the tops of the cubbies!!

     I got this bench from Hobby Lobby and added swirls and polk-a-dots!!!

                                          This is the top of another set of cubbies!!

                             I had a black desk just begging to be painted!!!

     I found this old trunk and had to have it! I painted it black and added the alphabet and 
      Numbers. This is where we keep our rest mats!!!

                                               Classroom pictures coming soon!!!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Stay Out of the Water!

Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum...
It's SHARK WEEK people!!!
We've teamed up with our pal, Jennifer, at First Grade Blue Skies, to offer you a fabulous little giveaway in honor of Shark Week and Back to School.  Enter to win First Grade Blue Skies' Shark Close Read and our very own Shark Glyph below.

Math, Writing, and Art all wrapped into one cool glyph! You'll be able to display all the cool facts your kids learn about sharks with their unique artwork. No two sharks ever turn out the same!
You can find the Shark Glyph with Writing Options {here}

We can't wait to pair our Shark Glyph activities up with this Close Read by First Grade Blue Skies this year!


Close reads are all the rage with the new common core standards, and this one is highly engaging! And just look at all she's included!

You can find First Grade Blue Skies' Shark Close Read {here}

Enter to win!!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Blast Off! It's Sale Time!

All our Glyph Girl products are on SALE y'all.
 Save 28% when you enter the code BTS14 at check-out!!
Now is the time to stock up on all your glyphs and Wonders resources for the new school year.

Here's a look at some of our products in action:

Click HERE to see Johnny Appleseed Glyph.

Click HERE to see our Pilgrim Glyph.

Click HERE to see our Gingerbread Glyph.

Click HERE to see our Puppy Love Glyph 
with Valentine Scrapbook.

Click HERE to see our Watermelon Glyph.

Angela is almost done decorating her new classroom. Watch for pics this week AND we have a contest starting tomorrow night!
Have a fabulous week!

Monday, July 28, 2014

How to paint "blobs"!

When I was an instructional coach I would put displays up in the hallways to promote reading and thinking. But they just didn't  "pop"- so I asked my principal if I could paint some "backgrounds"..... Needless to say, he came back on Monday with "Blobs" up and down the halls!   When I returned to the classroom, the painting of blobs went with me!!! Several people have asked how to paint them. So, now that I am in a new room, I took pictures of the process!!

First, draw out your blob with pencil or chalk.

   Next, outline it with your main color- stand back
  and make sure it looks like you want it.

   Use a roller and roll what you can!

    When the first coat is dry- add another. I use
   high gloss paint. I do go to Lowes or Home
   Depot to get the paint- I bought an inexpensive
   brand once and it was hard to get good coverage.

Decide what you want your border to look like - I used stripes this year, but have done polka-dots, too! I did not leave a middle on this one because I knew I was putting a mirror in the middle.


This one will anchor my number resources-
The white had to have two coats also. I used glossy acrylic white craft paint because I knew I didn't need an entire gallon. (Let each coat dry before adding the next coat.)

Then I used the same black to add stripes. I used a black paint pen to outline the blob- I do it a little whimsical so it doesn't have to look perfect!!

 I like using black and white because when I put things on them- the items stand out because it is not competing with other colors!!  If you plan to change the display a lot, you might want to put a coat of modge podge on top of it!!
Happy painting!!!!!

Click HERE 
to see the "blobs" in my last

Have you seen our Goldilocks Glyph?
It is so much fun to use with Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

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