Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Frog Prince was the perfect
fairy tale for February because we are
doing AMSTI Animals 2 x 2- so we
have tadpoles that we are observing
and writing about!

April Childers (homeroom mother and art teacher)
taught us how to make a painted collage like Eric
Carle does for his books. She did a Santa with us
for Christmas (you can see them on my class web
site) So we took what she taught us and made
a Frog Prince.

Our school is doing a lot with number bonds.
The students were given a number bond and
had to create it using pink and red hearts.
This one is 7 can be 5 and 2.
We did this with our Christmas chains too!!
It is a great concrete visual!

At the end of the hearts they
wrote the number bond and
a number sentence.

I saw this on a data question on
someone's blog! My class LOVED doing this.
The students are anxiously awaiting the tadpoles
 turning into frogs so they can kiss them!!

Oriental trading has the cutest frog
Valentine "stuff"

I am a calander collector!! They make the best
pictures for comprehension!! I got this cool frog calendar on sale :)
I put up the headings first to activate prior knowledge and generate lots and lots of questions!

Then I read one of the pages to them and have a mini comprehension lesson... they have to tell me which heading to put it under! They love this.. they start predicting what the other paragraphs  will say based on the headings!

After all of the information is posted, I have a
comprehension station!! I can have them answer questions
or get responses. The headings will lead them back to the information!!

There is a Dr. Seuss Calendar at Staples!!

We made these stuffed black bears
and attached black bear facts!
They turned out beary cute!