Saturday, June 8, 2013

Peas Please?!

One of our fist fairy tales was The Princess and the Pea...

 Here are some of the things we did with it!!!

First we went on a secret mission to find out if our mothers were REAL princesses.... They were soooo excited!

They had to come up with a plan to hide the pea under their mother's mattress..... of course
I sent a secret emails to be ready to "whine" about how horrible they slept!!  The kids were
thrilled that it worked!!!

Since they were Real Princesses we had to make them a crown!!! We used green peas to decorate!!

 Then the mom's were presented with a certificate to prove they were a REAL princess...
and crowned!!

To tie in non-fiction... we learned all about peas and howthey grew... then we HAD to have a pea tasting party!!!

It was hard squeezing all those peas the night before
to get pea juice... :)



We made a book telling how each type of pea tasted!

 It was sooooo much fun!!! What a way to start the year.
Just for the record, William tried again,
and his mother turned out to be a REAL
princess after all.


Kelly said...

What a great idea & your room is SO super cute!!! I'm completely obsessed with all things black and white, and polka dots simply make everything better :)

So excited to be your newest follower,
First Grade Fairytales

Erin said...

Just found your blog, and I love all of your ideas, especially your classroom decor! Such cute designs! I teach pre-school but will definitely be following your blog. Wonderful inspiration!

Creating & Teaching

C. Johnson said...

Do you have directions and pattern for your pumpkin glyph?

C. Johnson said...

Do you have a pattern and directions for the pumpkin glyph?

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