Saturday, January 10, 2015

We Want SNOW!!

It's FREEZING COLD here in Alabama, so much so that we even had a delayed start on Thursday morning, but NO snow yet! Now I know our neighbors to the north get a little tired of the white stuff before winter is over but for this southern girl it is still very exciting! AND Snow Days are the BEST! If we are lucky we might get one or two a year.

Soooo, we do our best bring on the snow by spending a week or two immersing ourselves in snowmen stories, writing, math, and art! Last year I bought Listening Sets for Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Work, and Snowmen All Year. The firsties adore these books. TpT has tons of activities to go with them.

We graphed how many students had actually made a snowman. (Thanks to a good snow last year, most of them had schema for this!) For about six years we didn't have any snow at all and we actually had kindergarteners and first graders who had never seen it. It was tough for them to "get it"! Made me feel sorry for the Florida teachers.

After reading Snowmen at Night we charted the activities that the Snowmen liked to do in the book. Then the students completed a writing activity in Literacy Stations that said, "My snowman likes to _________________ at night."

One of our favorite Snow activities is making the Snowmen at Night Glyphs. They always turn out unique and adorable!
Here's a pic of my bulletin board.

There's a couple of things I love about this display! The snowman on the far left at the bottom is crying and sad. Kailey said she made her that way because the sun was out and she was about to melt! I also love the ones that are doing the splits!! Then there is the one in the middle! Finlee made her legs super short because she wanted a Snow Baby (and she thought it would be cute to have her hold the heart!!)

Click on the pic below to preview and purchase our
 Snowmen at Night Glyph
on TpT.

Snowmen at Night Glyph with Writing Options

Another easy and fun art project for "Snow Week" is Snow Globe Pointillism. Found this one on Pinterest. All you need is blue and black construction paper, acryllic paint, and q-tips. Students use dots to make their picture. To give it extra sparkle, spray with Elmer's Spray Adhesive and sprinkle with Twinkle Snow!!

Before we made the Snow Globe art I showed my students this darling video by Pixar Studios on You Tube. 
It's called Knick Knack.

Like all you smart teachers, I hit up the after Christmas sales to stock up for my students for next year. I already have my stockings, Santa hats, and giant Christmas coloring books for next year's class (half price of course!!!) This year I happened upon these cute Snowman Cookie Kits that I'm going to make for a treat to wrap up our snowmen activities. They were marked WAY down after Christmas. SCORE!!

Here's hoping all our snow activities bring a few flakes to our neck of the woods ya'll! Stay warm!!