Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reindeer Ornament

I LOVE putting up the Christmas tree and seeing all the cute ornaments that my two boys made when they were in school! Brings back sweet memories. Here is an ornament that I have made with my class the last few years.

I use burlap scrapbook paper and just plain brown craft paper for the back. The burlap paper is much easier for the kids to cut. I made these last year with kindergarten!

Trace the shape of the reindeer's head on the back of the burlap paper and on the brown craft paper.

 Cut out both pieces and hot glue together. When I taught 2nd grade my class used low temp glue guns and did fine with it, but I hot glued for the younger classes. Put the hot glue where you see the white lines in the picture below:

Using the opening left at the bottom- stuff it with tissue or paper towel. I used one paper towel for this one.

Glue the bottom shut and add burlap paper ears to the back!

Use red construction paper and glitter for the nose- or you can use glitter scrapbook or foam paper.

 Use a Sharpie or slick paint to make the eyes. I always make them put the eyes close together and close to the nose... you can use google eyes or little black buttons, too!!

 Nest students use a little chalk to add cheeks. They use their fingers to get the chalk off the paper and rub it in. A raffia bow is a must!!!

 For antlers, this time I just cut some twigs off a tree, but I have bought branches from Hobby Lobby before, too. I hot glue it to the back.

 I usually put a piece of matching paper over the glue while it is hot to secure it. Add a hook and don't forget to put the name and year on the ornament.

You can make bigger versions of these to and use wire on the back for a door hanger.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

12 Books of Christmas Giveaway

The Glyph Girls are super excited to join with the fabulous TpT stores above to bring you this spectacular giveaway. We have each chosen a Christmas book to blog about, AND we've created a FREEBIE to match our book, AND you can win ALL 12 of the books!!! See why we are so pumped?

Just look at the books that have been chosen...

It's easy to enter. Blog Hop from one blog to the next collecting our Freebies. As you go, jot down the magic number from each blog. After you have visited all 12 blogs, add ALL of your numbers together. Calculators are allowed. LOL Enter the total of all 12 numbers in the Rafflecopter for a chance to win all 12 books. You can earn bonus entries from following each of us, too!

The winner will be announced on Nov. 29th! Now let us tell you about our book...
This is one of our favorite Christmas books! It is a spin off of The Little Red Hen. Included in this Freebie are patterns for all four of the fun characters in the book: Little Red Elf, the cute Reindeer, the Penguin who wants no part of working, and the sleepy little Hare. The patterns are designed for students to create the character and then  use to perform the Readers Theater that is included! Also, a complete lesson plan with a cliff hanger to engage your students with some questions that will no doubt lead to some major discussion and opinion writing! A few more surprises are included!! Download by clicking below.
Ho, Ho, Ho!!

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Enter the contest here!