Saturday, June 6, 2015

Fairy Tale Ball

VaLeNtInE's DaY is my favorite celebration of the school year- what a great time for a Fairy Tale Ball!!

Where is Cinderella when you need her?
Getting ready for the ball..
At the end of Halloween, I send out an email letting parents know of our upcoming Fairy Tale Ball- then they can look for sales at the end of the month of October in the Halloween departments.

Before the ball there is always lots of work!
Students used tissue paper to make their Valentine bags.

How can you have a Fairy Tale Ball without a magic wand? But, because it was Valentine's Day... It needed to be a heart wand....
I baked up some delicious tasting wands!

Two days before the ball, we worked on our Valentine Castle Scrapbook.... Gray for the boys.

Gann is showing his excellent stitching around the castle!!

And pretty in pink for girls!
The day before the Fairy Tale Ball, students delivered their Valentines!

Then we added them to our Valentine Scrapbook!!! 

(Link for Scrapbook is at the end of this post!)

When the ball began, we had all the parents seated and then I announced their arrival!

I had a photo booth background in 
place to capture the moment! 

We practiced how to dance and change partners before the ball, so everything went smoothly. After they danced with each other, they danced with their parents. It was sooooo stinking cute!!

We enjoyed snacks and shared our Valentine castle book with our parents.
I got these cute heart glasses at The Dollar Tree.

They said this was the best day ever and 
wanted to know when we could do it again!

And they lived happily ever after!

To purchase our 
Valentine Castle Scrapbook 
patterns and pages, click on the picture below.