Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Teacher Feature: Patriotic Theme

   Having a patriotic themed classroom in 2015 is remarkable!!!
   Robin Davidson has been teaching for 27 years and is still going
   strong!  She teaches 2nd grade at Lacey's Spring School in Alabama.

Her school is implementing the Seven Habits which is a perfect match to go with her "Proud to be an American" theme. She has done a great job sticking to a three colored theme- red, white, and a pop of blue!!!  Sticking to a three colored theme helps student work
 stand out and the colors balance-so it is not "too" much!!!

This hangs above her door and adds a homelike feel to the room. It balances well with the matching curtains across the room.

She also added some lights in front of the curtains! Fun!

Uncle Sam is going to encourage lots of mathematical thinking and sharing of strategies!!!


 Lady Liberty will anchor comprehension strategies and thinking!!!

Fabulous display of American pride!!!  Robin's class sends care packages to different Troops that are deployed. She sent one to my son last year when he was in Guam!


A fun little mirror so students can see the leader in themselves!!!

 A painted stool is just the right touch!!!

 Using photos from a calendar will be a great visual aide to teach students about our great country!

 Here is her management chart!! 
There will be lots of 5 Star students!!!

This is on the back of her door!!

Meet my friend and former coworker- Robin Davidson!! She is a fabulous teacher and goes way beyond the call of duty to ensure that her class feels loved.  She teaches them to love to learn!!!

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