Monday, September 28, 2015

Chalking like a Glyph Girl

Chalking is a great way to add fun characters around your classroom! It is easy to do!!

What you need:
 I get my pastel chalk at Hobby Lobby- make sure 
 you get chalk pastels (NOT oil )  I usually wait
 until they are on sale or use a 40% off coupon!!
** The eraser is a major part of chalking!! Gum 
erasers are the best. A pencil eraser will not work.

  The chalks are easier to use if you break them.
  Them may come with some broken- but that is 

After you have your chalk you need paper. I use jumbo card stock paper from Learning Tree. You can use poster board- but make sure you are not on the slick side of it.

Draw your character with pencil or use your projector to enlarge clip art. Then trace over the pencil with a sharpie marker. (not a thick permanent marker)

 I always start with the main color first. Turning the chalk on its flat side outline your character. Get very close to the small parts.

 Use your fingers to rub in the chalk. If it is not as dark as you want, add another layer of chalk. The harder you rub, the better it sticks to the paper. After you have this done, very carefully take it outside or over a trash can and shake off excess chalk. (It is not advised to chalk near carpet!!!)

Next, use the chalks to color in smaller areas. See how close the red is to the green- that is okay!
it will blend- if not use that great eraser!!
shake again!

   To add shading to your character, I rub black on part of the paper that is not going to be showing when you cut it out .  Then I rub some of the black on my fingers and add shading around the edges.
   I shaded around the crown, eyes, and the frog's face. To add cheeks- rub some pink on the paper then rub your fingers in it to add cheeks. I used a big marker to do the eyes.

 The final step, after you shake all the excess off, is to spray it with hairspray. This locks the chalk in and helps the lamination stick. After I spray it I
take the white piece of chalk and add accent marks.  
Then laminate on high and as slow as it will go! If it is not hot enough, it will peel off.  Then cut it out and ta-da!!


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