Monday, December 7, 2015

Gingerbread House

The Glyph Girls had a most wonderful afternoon with Mrs. Davidson's class of Second Graders last Tuesday! They had been busy even before we arrived ,and had the hallway all decorated with our Angels and Christmas Trees!!

Each angel is made with the hair color of the student making it. This will be a precious keepsake for their parents!

The Christmas trees always turn out unique and different. Each child's personality shines through!

Click on the photos below if you are interested in purchasing the Christmas Tree or Angel Glyph.

The first thing we shared was the featured text. Angela did an interactive Read Aloud of Hansel and Gretel by James Marshall.

Mrs. Davidson's students are experts at Turn and Talk techniques. Angela used the call back, "Ho, Ho, Ho!" and the students said, "We're ready to go!" when it was time to turn back to the teacher. There was tons of conversation about this classic fairy tale.

Next, we made our Gingerbread Houses that will be a book to hold the student's writing about Hansel and Gretel.

The first step was to cut out all of the "icing," sprinkle it with white glitter, and set it aside to dry.

 Next, the students cut out the house and chimney and glued the pieces together. After that they added the door and heart window. Both of these needed some glitter also!

Then they cut out and made their candy canes
to go on each side of the house.

Projects were set aside to dry.
Now they just needed tulle bows, glittered gum drops,
and the students' fabulous writing!

This little cutie's finished Gingerbread House
looks good enough to eat!

Angela also did the Functional Text lesson that comes with the Gingerbread House. Students were highly engaged as they discussed different aspects of the text.

Finally, Mrs. Davidson was presented with a real Gingerbread House to make with her students on Friday! Can you tell how thrilled she is?!?! Don't we all love to make large Gingerbread Houses with 20 plus students helping us? Sorry, Robin, we couldn't resist! They need to build their schema!!

We loved every minute we got to spend with this classroom of sweeties! Thank you, Mrs. Davidson!

If you are interested in the Gingerbread House, you can click on the photo below. It includes writing templates to use with either Hansel and Gretel or The Gingerbread Man. It also has a detailed lesson plan for the Functional Text lesson.


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