Friday, June 21, 2013

Cinderella and pumpkins!!!


A great unit for October... we mixed tons of versions of Cinderella with non-fiction pumpkin books!!

We made a pumpkin patch by doing a glyph. The Fairy Godmother came in the middle of the
night and sprinkled them with a little bibbity bobbity boo... (glitter)

It made the perfect patch for Cindy!!
We wrote her letters and when she wrote us back...
she left us pumpkins to explore!

After reading Gail Gibons' book about
Pumpkins, we wrote our very own 
pumpkin book!!

This is Chandler's Growing Pumpkin book.
He was in the first grade.

Look how he has taken after Gail Gibbons-
he is labeling everything!


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