Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Snow White and Apples!

Snow White
September is the perfect time to do Snow White and learn all about apples!!

Each student has a fairy tale journal. We write to different characters and try to give them some Seven Habit help if needed or we praise them for the habits they used... of course the character writes each student back giving feedback and answering questions.

Students couldn't wait to write the Queen in Snow White....
They were a little hard on her... she wrote them back and sent them an apple.... mostly red, but with a little green!! :)
They  love coming in to see their letters!!

OH, NOOOOOOOOOO .... remember that apple was from the

Apples were never the same!! :)

When we wrote Snow White she sent us a bucket full of apples to bob!!!

We just love Fun-tastic Friday afternoons!!!!

Couldn't do September and apples without a little Johnny!!


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